TheQuillSisters (, Github)

The Quill Sisters is an hack and slash video game. In this project I was the Lead Engineer / System Designer and Engineer. Developed in Unity Engine.


SignalParadox (, Github)

SignalParadox is an survival horror video game. In this project I was the Programmer lead and the main programmer. Developed in Unity Engine.

Squiddys Adventure (, Github)

A small little side-scrolling game for the Global gamejam "Futuregames Stockholm 2022"

Recoilman (, Github)

A game made under 72 hours for the gamejam Ludum Dare 49. Recoilman is about a man that need to move around using the recoil of diffrent guns.


Non-Euclidean Mechanics

A test project to test Non-Euclidean geometry systems.


Unity Template (Github, Download Unity Package)

A collection of systems made for faster game development and prevents me from remaking the same systems for each new projects.


SpaceInvader (Github)

SpaceInvader created in C++ with the SDL2 framework.

PixelSurgeon (, Github)

A game where the gamer learns some basic information for each organ inside the human body.

CandyGuard (Github)

This is a mobile game, where you are sorting out candy.

Boids (Github)

A simple boids project inside Unity, basic fish behavior.

Environment Unreal

A environment inside Unreal Engine

3D modeled parts and textured materials created with Maya and imported inside Unreal Engine.

More Projects to come

And more..

There are more projects to come!